If you own any gun with a rail... you can now...

DOUBLE Your Accuracy... Almost INSTANTLY!

Even if you wear "Coke bottle" glasses and struggle to even see your target... this secret can make you DEADLY accurate... almost immediately...

Without any special training and hours and hours of practice!

  • Works with any kind of firearm with a rail... handguns, rifles, shotguns... even BB guns, paintball guns and Airsoft pistols and rifles...
  • Works every time... regardless of your skill level...
  • It's simple and easy... just point and shoot for INSTANT ACCURACY!

Dear Friend,

If you own a firearm... almost ANY type of firearm... what I'm about to reveal could literally DOUBLE YOUR ACCURACY... in RECORD time!

That's why when elite military special ops units and police SWAT teams need INSTANT ACCURACY... they rely on THIS proven secret. The one I'm going to reveal to you today.

And today I'm going to show how YOU can have this "unfair advantage" too. Because the secret I'm about to reveal lets you...

Hit Targets With "Computer-Precise" Accuracy!

Because you're about to discover a tactic that takes ZERO training or practice... yet allows you to DOUBLE YOUR SHOOTING ACCURACY and hit targets consistently with "rock solid" reliability ... even if you previously couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

When you add this "unfair advantage" to your gun... it's as if you have the Terminator's computer-precise, "point and shoot" INSTANT accuracy program... permanently embedded into your brain.

Without decades of practice...

Without any talent or natural ability...

Without having to re-learn anything!

And it's GUARANTEED to work for you... regardless if you've been shooting for decades... or you're a "wet behind the ears" rookie.

Because this accuracy secret is based on a TESTED and PROVEN piece of technology used by the most elite spec ops teams in the world... and highly specialized SWAT law enforcement units.

But it's no longer just for elite police and military units.

Now it's available to YOU... so you too can...

DOUBLE Your Shooting Accuracy In Only Minutes... Without Any Specialized Training!

This amazing piece of equipment is lightweight, barely noticeable... and it attaches to almost any gun in only minutes.

It's called a "Tactical Laser Sight"... and TODAY ONLY it can be yours at the lowest price ever offered!

The tactical laser sight fits just about any handgun, rifle or shotgun. As long as your gun has a Picatinny or a Weaver rail... the tactical laser sight will fit.

It only takes a couple minutes to attach the tactical laser sight. No special tools or skills required. The only tool you need to attach it to your gun is a simple hex wrench... which is included FREE with your tactical laser sight.

Just a couple turns of the hex wrench and you're good to go.

Then simply turn it on and you can...

Immediately Start Placing Shots Wherever You Point The Laser... With Surgical Precision!

Check out the following video. You're about to see how quick and easy it is to mount this on your gun.

You'll also see with your own eyes how this can DOUBLE you accuracy... IMMEDIATELY!

Watch the video now and prepare to be amazed...

How well will this work for you? Here's an example of the FAST improvement in accuracy you can soon start seeing with your tactical laser sight...

On average, law enforcement shootings only have a 20-25% hit rate. It's true that most law enforcement officers are trained to shoot under high stress conditions... but with all that training, even cops miss 75% to 80% of the shots they take.

However, according to a study on the Beretta blog *, law enforcement agencies that have adopted lasers have hit rates approaching 90%!

And by simply adding this technology to your gun of choice, YOU can start seeing a 90% hit rate, too.

As if that alone isn't reason enough for you to start using this "double your accuracy" secret, consider this:

An "unfair advantage" is EXACTLY what the tactical laser sight gives you... because it GREATLY speeds up your aiming. It does that by eliminating the need to line up two different things in two different sight planes -- the front sight and the target.

Instead, all you do is...

Point The Laser At Your Target And Start Placing Hot Lead PRECISELY On The Dot!

The confidence you'll have knowing that you can now hit 90% or more of the shots you take will help with several things...

  • You'll be able to shoot from the hip faster with much more accuracy...
  • Since you no longer have to focus on two things at once... your front sight AND the target... you can now do what your instinct dictates... focus on the TARGET...
  • You'll be able to shoot accurately even in unconventional positions...
  • You'll also be able to get your gun back on target much faster for follow up shots...
  • Improves rapid fire accuracy...
  • If you have less than perfect eyesight it helps focus at a distance much better...
  • Gives you crystal clear focus on targets in low light situations!

Even if you're a complete newbie gun owner...

You Can Now Shoot Like A Highly Trained Spec Ops Soldier... And Hit Your Target EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Imagine the look on your shooting buddies' faces when you humiliate them at the range. Because you're putting a super tight grouping right in the bulls eye... while most of them are struggling to even hit the target at all.

It doesn't matter your skill level or your eyesight. Heck, even if you have "Coke bottle" glasses you'll be hitting the bulls eye on every single shot... time after time. Even when shooting from the hip or any other position.

And today only...

You Can Get Your Very Own Tactical Laser Sight At The LOWEST PRICE We've Ever Offered!

We've developed our own My Crisis Gear (MCG) Tactical Laser Sight that's easy to attach to almost any gun. As long as it has a "Weaver" or "Picatinny" rail, you can attach it in seconds... and be ready to start hitting targets with DEADLY accuracy.

Since ninety percent of guns have these rails, you can instantly DOUBLE your accuracy... without a trip to the gunsmith. Because when you order today you'll get everything you need to mount your Tactical Laser Sight yourself. It's quick and easy.

Here's just a small sample of guns your new MCG Tactical Laser Sight works with...

Here's just a small sample of guns your new MCG Tactical Laser Sight works with...

✔ Smith & Wesson
✔ Glock
✔ Sig Sauer
✔ Remington
✔ Springfield Armory
✔ Beretta
✔ Sturm, Ruger & Co.
✔ Savage
✔ And many, many more! Because it works with ANY gun that has a rail.

Order today and as soon as it arrives in its discreet packaging... attach your Tactical Laser Sight to your gun. Then in no time at all you'll be hitting targets like an elite, highly trained and "surgically precise" spec ops soldier... without hours and hours of special training.

Just point and shoot. The Tactical Laser Sight...

DOUBLES Your Accuracy... Immediately!

It really is that simple. And it's GUARANTEED to work for you.

It doesn't matter if you just like showing off how accurate you are to your friends at the range... or if you have a weapon for home defense. You'll be able to start using this Tactical Laser Sight right away... for precise "point and shoot" DEADLY accuracy.

But you don't need to just take my word for it.

First of all, I already shared a study that showed the simple addition of a Tactical Laser Sight took law enforcement hit rates from only a pathetic 20 to 25%... to as much as a 90% hit rate... with NO additional training. And there's no reason why YOU can't experience the same or better.

Second... with the simple addition of this Tactical Laser Sight... there are now THOUSANDS of gun owners just like you enjoying MUCH greater accuracy.

Let me introduce you to a few...

Here's What Smart Gun Owners Are Saying About The Tactical Laser Sight...

"I love my new laser sight! It gives me a definite quick draw advantage over anything else. It's also a great training tool to teach inexperienced shooters how to aim accurately. Also great for varmint hunting at night!"

- Brian Bono, Arkansas

"Excellent! Turned my daughter's .22LR AR15 into an off the hip 'can terminator' inside the 2 acre perimeter fence."

- Steven Carrollton, GA

"I bought two of these, one for my AR and one for my grandson's AR. They both work very well and as advertised, and are very bright. They're small and compact. I mounted them in front of the POV sights I have on the guns. They're so compact they don't interfere with the POV sight at all and those sights are very low and compact themselves. I have no complaints whatsoever and would recommend these to anyone."

- Gerald - Austin, Texas

"We really like the Tactical Laser light and would not hesitate to buy one for family members as I did for the college-age grandchildren for Christmas gifts. Thanks!"

- Bruce Lakeville, MN

"The Tactical Laser Sight is great. On the range the accuracy is out of this world! I bought two, great product."

- Geoff, Ione, CA

"The sight arrived the other day. Very easy to install and easy to get correct alignment. I like this product a lot and it was the last item for my new AR."

- Stephen

Order your very own Tactical Laser Sight TODAY and you too will be THRILLED with your newfound accuracy... just like the customers you heard from.

✔ Our just-released My Crisis Gear (MCG) Tactical Laser Sight (You'll be able to DOUBLE your accuracy... darn near IMMEDIATELY!)

✔ One rail wrench (You'll be able to mount your laser sight in only minutes. It's quick, simple and easy!)

✔ One battery wrench (You can make battery changes in only SECONDS!)

✔ One windage/elevation adjustment wrench (We include instructions on how to dial this bad boy in for DEADLY accuracy!)

✔ Three batteries (Because it's always a good idea to have backups.)

Everything you need to start using your MCG Tactical Laser Sight is included... no extra assembly or parts needed!

I want you to FEEL GREAT about your new MCG Tactical Laser Sight. That's why I'm going to put the entire burden on MY shoulders to prove that this WILL work for you.

And I'm going to do that by letting you...

Try The MCG Tactical Laser Sight For 60 Days... 100% Risk FREE!

The moment your MCG Tactical Laser Sight arrives in its discreet packaging, I want you to do THIS:

Take it out of the box, mount it on your gun and try it out right away.

In fact, I want you to use it... a LOT.

Go to the range and PROVE TO YOURSELF that the MCG Tactical Laser Sight is everything I've said in this message.

For a full 60 days... two whole months... you can squeeze off as many rounds as you want... completely risk free.

If you aren't immediately hitting more targets the very day you put the MCG Tactical Laser Sight on your gun...

We'll Refund Every Single Cent Of Your Purchase Price!

Who else is offering a guarantee like that? I checked but I can't find ANYBODY offering anything this good. In fact I can't find anybody selling a laser sight who offers ANY guarantee at all!

I think you'll see that as soon as you start using the MCG Tactical Laser Sight... in no time at all you'll be one of the most accurate shooters at the range. So accurate you just might get the nickname "Dead Eye!"

THAT is how effective this technology is for DOUBLING your accuracy.

Knowing how important the ability to hit targets accurately is... even in low light conditions... how much would you expect to pay for rock solid reliable technology like this?

Normally, you'd pay as much as $120 for high quality and battle tested technology like this. And even at that price it's worth every penny to feel confident knowing you can hit any target... at almost any distance... at any time, day or night.


Today ONLY... It's Yours For A Deep, Deep Discount!

Because of how trusted this technology is... and how "surgically precise" and DEADLY accurate it can make you as a shooter... we could ask for $120 and easily get it. Day in and day out.

However, you're not going to pay anything close to that today.

Because of the volume of orders we place with our manufacturer... and the savings that gives us... we can do MUCH better on your price today. Because we can pass our savings on to YOU.

Order Today And You'll Get The Tactical Laser Sight... With Our 100% RISK FREE 60-Day Guarantee... For Only $19.95 Each!

I know that once you try it out, you're going to be ECSTATIC about your newfound shooting accuracy. That's why I want you to jump on this special "lowest price ever" offer and try it out right away.

And if you're still on the fence, I want to "sweeten the pot" a little.

Place your order right away... TODAY... and you'll not only get your MCG Tactical Laser Sight at the LOWEST PRICE we've ever offered... you'll also get...

FREE Shipping... No Matter How Many You Order!

But you have to act IMMEDIATELY!

With this LOWEST EVER PRICE I can't guarantee how much longer we'll have inventory left. If you miss out now you might have to wait 4 to 6 weeks while we restock before you can place your order.

Order right now so you don't run the risk of missing out on this crazy low price.

Select one of the options below by clicking on the picture...

* http://blog.beretta.com/rebenefits-of-using-a-handgun-laser

Or you can call us toll free 1-888-509-1207 to place your order by phone.

In Liberty,

Oli Fischer

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