Tactical Pen

Rugged Construction & Quality: The MCG Tactical Pen features ultra rugged materials and top quality craftsmanship. Body is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6, almost indestructible yet incredibly lightweight.

Devastating attack head material crafted from high strength stainless steel embedded with tungsten carbide, for an unbelievable hardness above HR90.

Tactical attack tip is designed for stealth and quick access in a sudden self-defense scenario where milliseconds count. The MCG tactical pen can also be used to break glass in emergencies and for quick escape scenarios.

Naturally, the MCG Pen is equipped with a high-strength precision rolling ballpoint pen for dependable everyday writing.

This discreet pen is easy to carry through security checkpoints and, as a writing instrument, is not prohibited in weapon-free zones. The MCG tactical pen has the built-in advantage of small size and easy portability. Carry it with you everyday, everywhere to be prepared for anything, even in high-security areas where traditional weapons are restricted.

Perfect for The Guy Who Has Everything: This tactical pen combines devastating defense capabilities in a compact and practical package, making it a perfect gift for your friends, family members, or yourself.





  • Size: .5 inches wide by 5.5 inches long
  • Ink color: Black
  • Material: Tungsten Alloy
  • Uses standard pen refills
  • Refills with standard black ink you can find at any local office supply store
  • Great Self Defense Tool