MCG Tactical Laser
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MCG Tactical Laser

This laser is nearly identical to the same pieces used by our Armed Forces during training and operations in the field.

There's two specific things we'd like you to do when it arrives:

#1: Go outdoors during the daytime and night and start sighting targets. You can even use the laser to point out specific stars in the sky. Besides, this will be one of the most enjoyable tools you'll ever use.

#2: More importantly, keep this laser near you at all times. This laser has a concentrated, powerful beam that will blind anyone crazy enough to attack you.

Americans are experiencing greater threats than ever before. Even worse, you are slowly watching your right to self-defense erode day by day.

Giving you this tactical laser at a deep discount is our way of proving there are non-lethal methods for defending yourself.

Members of our military have used these lasers for years not only to sight targets but save their necks in close quarters combat situations.





  • Features a “Death Star” powerful laser beam powerful enough to reach over 656 feet and temporarily blind an attacker and even light up stars in the night sky. Easily visible even in broad daylight!
  • Built out of “tough as nails” Aerometal so it can take a licking and keep on ticking so you won’t have to worry about it breaking on you
  • “Point & Click” application makes the laser simple and quick to use so you can line up a target in the blink of an eye.
  • Convenient “Hangrope” means you can avoid losing your laser and deploy it faster than an attacker can whip out a gun