An Urgent Letter For Any Gun Owner Who Wants Better Accuracy

Important Tactical Upgrade For All Handgun Owners

Considered “MUST have” gear by Special Forces, SWAT and pro marksmen...

Fits almost any firearm...

High powered flashlight and the brightest green laser allowed by law!

No special training required...

We GUARANTEE an INSTANT IMPROVEMENT in your accuracy... or your money back!

Dear Friend,

If you own a handgun... or ANY type of firearm... this new tactical upgrade could DOUBLE YOUR ACCURACY... in practically no time at all!

That’s why elite military special ops units, SWAT teams and professional marksmen rely on it.

And for a very limited time – thanks to a “happy accident” at my company, My Crisis Gear – you can get your hands on one of these brand new tactical upgrades...

...At A ROCK BOTTOM Price!

Here’s what happened:

Sal, our resident firearms expert, found the PERFECT product for handgun owners. One that our customers have been begging for. (It works just as well on long guns... but most of our customers have been asking for this tactical upgrade on their handguns.)

Sal discovered a small stash of these from a supplier who had produced more than they needed. So he negotiated a great deal to take the rest of the inventory off their hands.

And now...

We’re Passing the Savings On To You!

Weaver Rail

Picatinny Rail

We call it the...


Tactical gun laser light

It’s a combination tactical flashlight and
high visibility green laser.

And it fits just about any handgun, rifle or shotgun.

As long as your gun has a Picatinny or a Weaver rail...
The Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light will fit.

Weaver Rail

Picatinny Rail

The 60+ lumen tactical flashlight in the Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light gives you crystal-clear visibility out to 115 feet.

EXACTLY what you need for emergency and low light shooting conditions.

And the green laser in the
Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light is...

The Brightest Green Laser Allowed By Law!

It’s visible in both daylight and low light conditions. In fact, you can see it as far as 350 yards!

The Hellfire is built like a tank

So you can count on it for years of use and durability

It has smooth metal alloy switches so you never have to worry about catching your finger or your clothing on a sharp piece of metal.

The switches are ambidextrous, too... so both right-handed and left-handed shooters can use it.

The Hellfire’s unique switch design prevents short circuits and malfunctions... so you can count on it to work in almost any conditions.

It’s made from a special DuPont polymer material, so it feels light as a feather on your firearm.

You probably won’t even know it’s there. That is, until you switch on the mega-powered flashlight and the brightest green laser allowed by law.

Tactical lighting for every scenario

The flashlight has both constant-on and strobe modes. The laser has a constant-on only mode.

That way you can use any combination of these modes based on your personal preference, with the flick of a switch.

Double Your Accuracy Instantly!

It takes less than 60 seconds to attach the Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light.

No special tools or skills required. The only tool you need to fine-tune the laser to your gun is a simple hex wrench... which is included FREE.

Simply attach it to the weaver or picatinny rail on your gun. Since ninety percent of guns have these rails, you can instantly DOUBLE your accuracy... without a trip to the gunsmith.

Because when you order today you’ll get everything you need to mount your Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light yourself.

It’s quick and easy. (Easy to follow instructions included.)

Here’s a list of some of the many different guns it works with...

Smith & Wesson


Sig Sauer


Springfield Armory

Sturm, Ruger & Co.




And many, many more!

Because it works with ANY gun that has a Picatinny or Weaver rail.

As soon as it arrives in its discreet packaging (NOBODY will know you ordered a gun product)... here’s what it will do for you:

Just mount this tactical upgrade on your gun... and with practically ZERO training or practice... you can DOUBLE your shooting accuracy!

In no time at all you’ll be hitting targets consistently with “rock solid” reliability... and placing shots EXACTLY where you point it.

Without hours of practice...

Without any talent or natural ability...

Without having to learn anything!

It works so well... and works so consistently...

I GUARANTEE It Will Work For You, Too!

Even if you’re not an experienced shooter.

And TODAY ONLY it can be yours at the lowest price ever offered!

How well will this work for you?

It’s like having an unfair advantage... because it speeds up your aiming.

It’s almost as if the Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light does all the work FOR you. All you have to do is point the laser at your target...

And Watch Your Shot Hit Precisely on the Dot...

Every Single Time!

Draw and shoot faster with much more accuracy

Hit all your shots from almost all positions – even if you’re flat on your back!

Get your gun back on target much faster after each shot

Improve your rapid-fire accuracy

If you have less than perfect eyesight it helps focus at a distance much better

Hit targets in low light situations!

Here’s What You Get When You Order Your HELLFIRE Today...

When you order your today, you’ll get:

Our just-released My Crisis Gear Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light...
at a HUGE discount!

One windage/elevation adjustment wrench

We include instructions on how to dial this bad boy in for DEADLY accuracy!)

One CR2 800mAh battery (6+ hours of battery life)

Hard-sided Carry Case

Everything you need to start using your MCG Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light is included... no extra assembly or parts needed.

And today only... you can get your very own Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light at a DEEP Discount!

I know you’ll be more than happy with your new Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light. However, don’t just take my word for it. PROVE TO YOURSELF that it works exactly as I’ve described in this letter.

That’s why I’m going to let you...

Try it for a full 60 days

100% Risk Free

As soon as it arrives, mount it on your gun and try it out right away.

So you can PROVE TO YOURSELF that you can now DOUBLE your accuracy.

You’ve got a full 60 days... two whole months... completely risk free.

If you aren’t immediately hitting more targets with almost PERFECT accuracy...

We’ll Refund Every Penny You Invested!

THAT is how sure I am about the effectiveness of this tactical upgrade for DOUBLING your accuracy.

Normally, you’d pay as much as $300 for such a high quality, high tech tactical upgrade for your gun. (That’s the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.)

Even at that price it’s worth every penny to feel confident knowing that you can hit any target... at almost any distance... at any time... day or night.


Today ONLY, It’s Yours for a

Big Discount

You’re not going to pay $300 today.

Thanks to Sal’s luck in finding these packed away at the factory... and his savvy negotiation skills in getting this inventory at such a low price... we can give you a MUCH lower price today.

Because we can pass our savings on to YOU.

Order today and you’ll get Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light... with our 100% RISK FREE 60-day guarantee for...

Only $99.99

Today ONLY!

Just in case you might still be undecided, I want to “sweeten the deal” a little.

Place your order right away... TODAY... and you’ll not only get your Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Light at this CRAZY LOW PRICE... you’ll also get...

Free Shipping...

No Matter How Many You Order!

But you have to act IMMEDIATELY!

With this special once-in-a-lifetime find Sal made... I can’t guarantee how much longer we’ll have inventory left. If you miss out now you might be missing out FOREVER.

We still have 200 154 in stock but they’re selling like hotcakes.

Order right now so you don’t run the risk of missing out on this insanely low price... possibly forever.

Select one of the options below by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

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1x Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Sight

1x Accessory Kit

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3 FOR $299.97

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3x Hellfire Tactical Gun Laser Sights

3x Accessory Kits

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60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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